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Community Promo
Video on Demand (VOD)

Community promo for station produced in October 1997. Windows Media Player 9 is needed to watch VOD clips. Click on the icons for the videos.

Shadow and Friends
Shadow and Friends:

Variety show for kids featuring children's entertainers and Shadow the "Wonder Dog."

Toronto Memories
Toronto Memories:

Featuring Toronto transportation from the past 50 years. Produced by Ray Neilson.

After Midnight
After Midnite:

Alternate views on historical and current events hosted by Paul Coulbeck.

It Came From The Video Store
It Came From The Video Store:

Reviews and showings of local indie features.

The Sacred Arts Centre
The Sacred Arts Centre:

An exploration of ancient mystical knowledge with host Tara Greene.

The Creature Feature
The Creature Feature:

Friday and Saturday Night Creature movie fest hosted by Count Ray and Shadow the "Wonder Dog."

Count Ray
The Creature Feature:

Count Ray promoting the Creature Feature.

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